Indiana Department of Education  

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School Building Tables
General School Variables - schls
ISTEP Test Scores by School - istep
Grads, Graduation Rates, Dropouts - grads
Attendance Rates - attend
Teacher Data - ceschl
Suspensions, Expulsions - suspend
Enrollment by Grade - peschl
SAT Scores by Grade Point Average - sat
ACT Scores - act
Advanced Placement Scores - ap
Free Lunch Counts by School - sl
Limited English Counts by School - lep
Title I Info - ti

School Corporation Tables
General School Corporation Variables - corps
State Aide Variables - sa
Tax Board Variables - tx
Expenditures, Receipts, Cash Balance Calendar Year - frcy
Expenditures and Receipts Fiscal Year - frfy
Certified Employee Variables - ce
Public Enrollment Variables - pe
Attendance and Graduates Variables - ag
Instructional Time - it
Nonpublic Enrollment Variables - np
Census Bureau Variables - census
Performance Variables By Corporation - perf
Corporation Universe Variables - universe
Special Ed Dec 1 Pupil Counts - sped
House Districts - house
Senate Districts - senator
Dropouts - dr